Consultancy/development work required for Asterisk project

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Consultancy/development work required for Asterisk project

Postby gazroo » Thu Apr 02, 2015 7:26 am


I am senior software engineer for an R & D products company based in the north-west of England.

We have developed a product offering which depends on the use of an Asterisk-compliant PBX server. The product development has progressed very well so far and has been tried with various PBX service alternatives, i.e.:

- Positron G-12x series
- AsteriskNow on VirtualBox for Windows
- AsteriskNow on Cent/OS for Mac

In terms of SIP, our own software is available for iOS, Android and Windows and uses the PortSIP SDK.

We've reached the point, however, where there are a couple of niggling issues which are beyond our level of expertise. For example:

(a) Most of our calls are from a Windows PC to a tablet. Very intermittently, the tablet fails to be able to answer a call and the PortSIP SDK generates error 60024, indicating that the SIP session id cannot be found or has gone away.

(b) We ourselves generate the dialplan details to input into sip.conf and extensions.conf on the PBX. We do this through AMI commands. Again, very intermittently, a given extension will suddenly stop working, i.e. refuse to receive further calls after having worked for several hours or days. If we manually check the conf files, there appears to be no corruption. If we manually edit the conf files, and switch a given device to a new extension number, it will start working again -- the same recovery can be obtained by rebooting the PBX, but we never gain any evidence as to why the issue occurs in the first place.

As well as these issues, there are further enhancements we want to make to our product with regard to functions such as concierge operation, hold/transfer, dealing with busy, ring groups, and calls to external devices over trunk lines.

Finally, our objective is to move the PBX part of the solution to an embedded platform running on Debian (details available). This would also involve the need to provide a simple UI for the generation of PBX configuration files behind the scenes, much like is done by the web-based wizard on a Positron.

If anyone out there is interested in providing paid assistance, I would be pleased to hear back from you so that we can potentially progress this further.

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Re: Consultancy/development work required for Asterisk project

Postby BurhanKhan » Mon May 04, 2015 1:58 am

I am intrested for the following post. I have 7 years experience of voip. Please send email id on which I can send my CV
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