Issue with Park/Pickup CLID

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Issue with Park/Pickup CLID

Postby derekb » Sat Apr 04, 2015 6:15 pm

Please review

We're offering a bounty for anyone who is willing to work directly with us to resolve this issue.

We have a custom developed asterisk cluster running Asterisk 13 that has an issue where when an external call is made, parked, then picked up, the CLID shows sw_xxxx_sip. Everything is written in AEL. All details of the issue can be reviewed in the above issue, ASTERISK-24795.

This could very well be a programming issue as opposed to an Asterisk-related issue, but it is beyond my level of debugging. Looking for an experienced Asterisk developer to help us identify the issue and rectify it at a mutually agreed upon price.

More information and discussions can be had through this post, PM, or email (

Thank you for your interest.
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