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ISO Asterisk Guru NYC

Postby joshsb » Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:43 pm

Hello, forum members.

I am looking for an Asterisk guru in the NYC area to help us troubleshoot ongoing issues. I'm looking for 1-2 days of on-site diagnosis (Flatiron), and potentially a further engagement to help us actually resolve the issue.

The basic issue is that we seem to be hitting load-related problems, but from a Linux perspective, we are not hitting any performance ceiling. To the best of my knowledge, it seems like asterisk is simply unable to process calls fast enough, even though CPU utilization is not particularly high (~30% max). We're maxing out around ~50 concurrent calls on a Corei7 4790K @4.0GHz, 12G RAM, SSD and Gigabit NIC with no apparent network problems.

This is a FreePBX installation. We have procured FreePBX commercial support and they have no idea, but agree that the system should be able to handle significantly more load.

If you are interested and think you are able to assist, please contact me through the forums.

Thank you,
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