Fax on Asterisk not working with T38

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Fax on Asterisk not working with T38

Postby manuel.wenger » Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:05 am

I am trying out Free Fax For Asterisk before purchasing Fax For Asterisk licenses. Unfortunately, when downloading FFA I had alread installed Asterisk itself, version On the FFA download page it says that only Asterisk up to is supported.

I tried using it anyway, but faxes don't arrive, it somehow can't renegotiate correctly with T38. Besides FFA, T38 works fine otherwise on the system (in passthrough mode) and the configuration is correct (I've used the examples from the documentation just to make sure).

Does anyone know when a new release for FFA will be released that will support Unfortunately I can't easily downgrade Asterisk to as this is a productive system with a lot of users on it.

Thank you
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