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Fax over IP

Postby lartito » Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:27 pm

I have an ubuntu server online on internet with asterisk/freepbx.

This asterisk server is connected with 3 voip providers.

I do sip show peers
provider A - 1 ms
provider B - 42 ms
provider C - 50 ms

I have installed Free Fax for Asterisk.

I receive successfully faxes with provider A, but faxes have failed transmission with providers B and C.

I use G711.
A typical old fax machine calling me at provider A incoming DID connects successfully and i take the fax with FFA.
Why it does not happen with the other two?

Is it because their distance (40-50ms)?
Or is there some kind of settings/features that I must demand them to enable?

Also I have not understood how to utilize t38. ffa supports it. i tried receiving fax with provider C, that says supports t38, but i failed.

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Re: Fax over IP

Postby voipinnovations » Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:27 am

You might want to check with providers B and C and see if your account is set up for faxing. The company I work for requires customer accounts to be set up for T.38 in order to receive faxes. This means we send traffic through T.38 enabled carriers. It may be that the failures are a result of the routes with those providers. That being said, T.38 can still be tricky to get to work so you may need to tweak settings on your end. Additionally, you could also call your provider A and ask the same thing to get a feel for how they do things.


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