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Research stage

Postby abed_escobal » Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:05 am

My Goal:
Currently I am being asked to build a system that can receive fax, forward the fax to the fax machine, and send a copy of the fax to an email.

1. With proper hardware, can Asterisk do this?
2. Can a Cisco SPA3102 considered as one of the proper hardwares?
3. Has anyone done this?

Current Situation:
Currently, our fax machine is connected to a PSTN line. What I have in mind is the Asterisk server, PSTN, and fax machine are all connected to a Cisco SPA3102. We have not yet bought the Cisco SPA3102 since we are not sure if that hardware and Asterisk is fit for the job.

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