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Fax Digium Scalability

Postby pier_voiptech » Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:28 am


I would like to know if someone has tested digium res_fax module on enterprise enviroments, with 100 concurrent fax licenses actived at once and experienced troubles.

I 'm porting our enteprise fax server platform to asterisk from Hylafax.

1) Are there some limitations in terms of concurrent active channels with fax digium module ? I.e. maximum 250 per single asterisk istance on a server?
2) Are There some inconvenient to use Digium res_fax on large deployments (based on your experience)?
3) Which kind of resources are needed by the server with 100 active channels over IP (using asterisk 1.6.2 and G711 SIP connections)

I have experienced some troubles with low rate connection (fax at 2400), sometimes I get errors and lost fax over PSTN and over IP connections using G711 in different scenarios.

Is there a way (configurations) to increase the tollerance when a old fax is calling the fax modules in order to grant the arrival?

Thank you in advance to share your experience
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