received faxes sometimes produce incorrect tiffs

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received faxes sometimes produce incorrect tiffs

Postby remmerie » Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:06 am


I'm currently setting up Asterisk to receive faxes, convert them to pdf's and send 'em out by email.
The problem I'm having is that the created tiffs sometimes appear to be incorrect tiffs.

As a result, they cannot be converted to pdf's OR when I try to open them in a viewer, they cannot be opened.
When successful, the testfile is approx. 37k, when failing, the testfile is approx. 4k
All debugging info in Asterisk confirm a successful reception of the fax, ...

What could be the reason for this ?
* is the server "going wrong" after a (specific) number of times ?
* is there an error when overwriting files ?
* ...
It seems to work right after restarting Asterisk and goes wrong later on.

Anyone who had this problem / knows the reason / knows the solution ?

my configuration:
Digium Fax Driver 1.8.0_1.3.0 (optimized for generic_64)

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