defining the undefined symbol: ast_fax_tech_unregister

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defining the undefined symbol: ast_fax_tech_unregister

Postby derekrv » Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:48 am

Hi all,

I'm not sure why my * installation seems different from everybody elses, but I thought I'd get this recorded in cyberspace so someone like me doesn't have to spend excessive time looking for it......

On a new (in 2011/11/1) installation of AsteriskNow (1.7.1 originally, upgraded piecemeal), and now *, we downloaded and installed the free asterisk fax server. That requires two modules: and res_fax was already there, and there's a procedure described here to get the right version, register it, and so on.

The problem came on reloading asterisk - the aforementioned undefined reference occurred. I resolved it by adding the following lines to /etc/asterisk/modules.conf:

; Ensure that gets loaded before, otherwise we will
; get an unresolved external ast_fax_tech_unregister symbol (function pointer)
load =>
load =>

Doing this conflicts with the abovementioned document, which says:
- It is not required or suggested to specify a load line in the
/etc/asterisk/modules.conf for the or files.
Asterisk will automatically load them using the autoload option. The
autoload option is set on by default.



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