trouble sending multipage tiff with SendFAX

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trouble sending multipage tiff with SendFAX

Postby Paul Tokarev » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:30 am

Good day!

I'm working with Asterisk 1.8.9

I have the following dialplan:

exten => 5,1, Playback (BeforeFax)
exten => 5, n, SendFAX (faxfile.tiff)
exten => 5, n, Playback (AfterFax)
exten => 5, n, WaitExten ()

The aim is : I press 5, hear BeforeFax (click the "start button" and keep the phone offhook untill the end of a fax transmission), receive a multi-page fax, hear AfterFax (Thanks! ...).
There is a problem with receiving multipage faxes. I get only the first page, and then my fax machine aborts reception, although Asterisk continues to send the second page. Interestingly, if in the beginning of transmission of the fax I hang up the handset on the fax-machine, then all pages are received as it should be, but after the transmission, of course, the connection breaks, but I want to keep it alive. That is why 'keep the phone offhook ... ". That is, it turns out that if I keep the handset off hook, for some reason, I receive only the first page. I have tested it with different fax machines, all the time the same thing. It feels like if I hold the handset off hook, then the fax machine behaves differently than if it is on hook. I would have thought that the problem is in a fax machine, but there is already implemented a similar program for Asterisk, which sends faxes as I want, ie all pages in the off-hook mode. I can't tell you the name if the program andd I can not communicate with developers too. Maybe there is some option in the settings or configuration that I do not know. Maybe Asterisk communicates with the fax machine with off hook differently, than with on-hook? And the second is the default, but need the first option.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
Paul Tokarev
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