Fax issue while using Spandsp

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Fax issue while using Spandsp

Postby ArunRam.C » Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:24 pm


I am using asterisk , I am using Spandsp FAX Driver: 20091228 123351, i will clearly explain my scenario.

I am sending fax to a anlog fax machine which is connected to mediatrix analog gateway. say the analog fax extension is 18260.
I have enabled the fax mode , T.38 codec, clear channel codec , cng tone everything in my analog gateway. while sending a fax from asterisk to the analog fax extension(18260 this extension is registered in asterisk) , I am using SendFax dialplan application for sending fax , most of the time i got success message with fax send status success and my anlog fax machine also receives the fax and printing it. but some time i am getting a error that

"coud not generate CNG tone in channel sip/18260". i saw this error in asterisk CLI. i want to know whether this issue in my asterisk side or in my gateway side. why asterisk not able to generate the CNG tone on this channel.

second thing is in my sip.conf for fax I have enabled
t38pt_udptl = yes,fec,maxdatagram=400
faxdetect = yes

I want to know which error correction i can use whether FEC or Redundancy so that i can get maximun throughput while sending fax from my asterisk

In my res_fax.conf maxrate=14400

I need a desperate support from this forum to solve this issue (coud not generate CNG tone in channel ).
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