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Multiple inbound faxes to same DID

PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:42 pm
by brgriffin27
We are currently using faxpress which is hooked up to a fake PRI on our cisco call manager and if 4 people faxed the same number 555-555-5555 faxpress will use any avaible line to receive the fax then email them to that person.

I have faxing in Elastix, based of asterisk, working and I have 3 channels registered from digum as well and it shows that it has 3 channels. When 2 people fax 555-555-5555 the first person's fax goes through and the second person gets a busy signal even though there are 2 more channels not being used, is there any way to make this work.

A little more info, asterisk is connected through a sip trunk to our Cisco Call Manager which has a limit of 22 calls that can be on the sip trunk inbound and outbound at the same time, which should be more then enough for us.

Thanks for the help