Fax with Asterisk internal flow (conversion) - Some Queries

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Fax with Asterisk internal flow (conversion) - Some Queries

Postby crazymoonboy » Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:53 am


I have some basis queries about the internal flow (conversion) and architecture of FoIP. Please note that I have done enough research on Internet to clarify my queries. But, I didn't get proper information. I thought of posting here to clarify my queries:

I want to implement a real time fax service with Asterisk (FoIP with Asterisk) using T38 protocol. For this, first I would like to clear with the basic internal flow of sending fax over IP.

Send Fax -> Fax Modem -> Asterisk -> Receive Fax

1) Please correct me, If I am wrong with the above flow.
2) Can we consider "opalvoip" as Fax modem?
3) Can we consider "SpanDSP" as Fax modem?
4) Can we consider "HylaFax" as Fax modem?
5) Can we consider "Fax Modem" as "T38 Gateway" in the above flow? If not, where I need to put T38 Gateway in the above flow? Can you please rewrite the flow?
6) Can I use "opalvoip" as Fax modem in the above flow?
7) T38 Gateway contains T38 Receiver and T38 Sender. Is it correct?
8) Can Asterisk serves as T38 Gateway?

Hence request you to find some time to reply and also reply in inline.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance.

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