Path of FAX handle verbose

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Path of FAX handle verbose

Postby iqgeo2012 » Thu Mar 12, 2015 5:03 am


I need to know from where is fax set debug on , verbose , is returning the stdout of :

-- FAX handle 0: [ xxxx.xxxx ], STAT_EVT_T1_EXP st: WT_DIS_RSP rt: WDSRNT1X
-- FAX handle 0: [ xxxx.xxxx ], P30EVN_PHASE_E
-- FAX handle 0: [ xxxx.xxxx ], entering CLOSING state
-- FAX handle 0: [ xxxx.xxxx ], STAT_FRM_DCN

More exactly I need to know where is the string/property STAT_EVT_T1_EXP or P30EVN_PHASE_E or STAT_FRM_DCN get it from.

I take the full asterisk project 1.8.x to search for this STRINGs but nothing , I am unable to found anywhere in the asterisk sources version. The only this that I could find was on the res_fax.c for the method cli_fax_set_debug.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
George Sand
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