SwitchVox Issues and Complaints

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SwitchVox Issues and Complaints

Postby crobinson » Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:51 am

Our SwitchVox was not responsive this morning and I was unable to recieve a reply to a network ping. The LCD display was also not responsive. I power cycled the machine, and the LCD was stuck on starting . . . When I connected a monitor to the machine the error message basically said run FSCK.

I called support and the technician asked me to download the Ultimate Boot CD and run a FSCK manually which ultimately fixed the problem. There are a few problems I believe need to be addressed.

First, our SwitchVox AA65 does not have a CD-ROM drive, but we did have a USB CD-Rom which worked. My issue is other customers may not be as savvy or have access to a USB CD-ROM. The other option is to create a bootable USB drive, but I wouldn’t expect an end-user to have or be capable of creating one. I would like to suggest that SwitchVox supply customers with a bootable usb drive for these types of issues. As an example when you purchase the SwitchVox it comes with an installation CD, instead you could include a bootable USB stick that can either boot to the SwitchVox installation or Ultimate Boot CD (or any other tools that may be needed in the future).

Second, I had an issue with backup versions, which turned out to be operator error on my part and a bit of dyslexia. However, I called support for a download link to the build I needed, which he emailed. The problem is the link was not active for over an hour. I have to wait for someone to activate a link while my system is down? I would like to suggest that SwitchVox allow customers access to download the ISOs via FTP or hyperlink at anytime without contacting support, or as an alternative solution mail customers CD’s of each build when they are released.

Finally, I have 4.2GB of “PBX Error Logs” listed on the backup page. Instead of backing these up, I would like to clear them out. I called support and was informed they could not be cleared except by restoring from a backup without the logs. The tech also said it was not possible to have them remote in and clear the logs . . . . Really? I would like to suggest an option in the GUI to clear these “PBX Error Logs” or at the least grant support access to these logs remotely.

I hate to seem like a complainer, but realize that I want SwitchVox to succeed. We have 9 facilities in dire need of a telephone system replacement. I would love to have SwitchVox as a platform, but it just isn’t polished enough. Take a look at SwitchVox Today, the issues and workarounds will give you insight to the types of issues surrounding the platform. After an update is released the support line is flooded with calls. This could be reduced or even avoided with more testing and planning.

I don’t know the circumstances and relationship between Digium and SwitchVox, but I see potential in the system. In order for SwitchVox to reach its full potential there needs to be some drastic changes. I believe the SwitchVox support staff needs to be increased to handle the volume of calls, and the techs need to be more aggressive at fixing issues instead of suggesting a restore and/or rebuild. The development/programming staff needs to fix the issues in a timely manner. The “calls routed through a call queue will not preserve caller ID” has been an issue for nearly two months and there is still no work around? The SwitchVox mobile app for Android has mixed reviews and has not been updated since version 1.0 in August 2011. In my opinion, the time devoted to the Digium phones should have be spent on polishing and stabilizing SwitchVox.

My main point is that SwitchVox needs to focus on the quality and stability of their product instead of the quantity of apps or features. First make the system stable, and then work on other features/integration. I hope SwitchVox can get it together.
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