SFA Socket type not supported

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SFA Socket type not supported

Postby enky » Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:47 pm


I am using Asterisk and trying to use skypeforasterisk-1.6.0_1.0.5-x86_32.
the SFA compiles and installs OK but while compiling shows an error:
In file included from chan_skype.c:66:
skypeforasterisk.h:29: warning: `externally_visible' attribute directive ignored
skypeforasterisk.h:37: warning: `externally_visible' attribute directive ignored
skypeforasterisk.h:48: warning: `externally_visible' attribute directive ignored

and so on on the whole screen.
Anyway it compiles and installs. The chan_skype.conf is OK too as I use the same on another system.
The Skype user is correctly registering on the Skype network and visible in my contact list.
But the real problem comes when I try to place incoming or outgoing call.
The error Asterisk shows is:
[Oct 21 00:57:47] ERROR[21455]: core.cpp:249 create_control_socket: socket creation failed: Socket type not supported
[Oct 21 00:57:47] ERROR[21455]: ASkype.cpp:118 OnNewCall: Ending call due to failure to create listening socket

I have no any idea where this comes from and what the hell that means.
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