Need Asterisk Help for Tracing Harassing Calls

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Need Asterisk Help for Tracing Harassing Calls

Postby Redbird1564 » Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:00 pm


I've become a long-time victim of harassment, and I'm looking to employ the use of Asterisk and Skype to help track the perpetrators.

For many months now I've been receiving calls on my cell phone from a caller that sits in silence and sometimes lets out a breath, usually hanging up before a minute is up. Well, AT&T has told me they can do nothing because the caller is "spoofing" the call and entering my number as the one calling my phone.

I'm now planning on forwarding my phone to my Skype number, which will then move through the Asterisk system, and then forwarded back to my phone. I've been told that the Asterisk software can be scripted to reveal where that phone call is actually coming from, rather than just my number which they use as a facade.

Can anyone walk me through just how to set all this up. I'm not sure what download of Asterisk I need, or even how to set everything up.

Thank You,

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Re: Need Asterisk Help for Tracing Harassing Calls

Postby ManChicken » Mon Jan 11, 2010 1:42 am

Here's a much simpler and cheaper way: Stop answering the phone when you get a call from an unknown or obviously bogus number.

If the person is spoofing their CallerID, bouncing through Skype and Asterisk isn't going to reveal any different information.
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Re: Need Asterisk Help for Tracing Harassing Calls

Postby ianplain » Mon Jan 11, 2010 4:32 am

Couple of things, Firstly sorry you are getting this hassle. Now down to business

The caller ID being presented is not what AT&T would use for tracing, and hey will be able to trace it, I would report it too your local law enforcement office.

Asterisk wont show you much if you forward via skype.

I would just ignore messages that come from "you" and in reality get a new mobile number.

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