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change privacy settings for monitoring availability

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:26 pm
by breezee
We are running Skype for Asterisk version 1.4_1.1.4. We have 2 skype accounts configured in chan_skype.conf that works just fine.
We would like to monitor when those accounts are not available (e.g not with status "Online").
In a Skype client, I can check the privacy setting "Show my status on the web" and then can call the URL<user>.txt getting the availability string back.
I tried that by login using a skype client to those acounts, change the privacy setting to checked and hit the URL. I found out that the results were not consistent: when the skype client was logged in I always got "Online" while when logging out I could get Online or Offline.
I am thinking that the status returned by the URL when no skype client is logged in, only PBX, is depended if there are any active calls, but I am not sure.
Is there an equivalent check for SFA? Or, is there a way to configure the skype account in SFA to set this privacy setting to be checked?

Thanks in advance,