Where to post. What to post. How to post.

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Where to post. What to post. How to post.

Postby oustcat » Fri Dec 22, 2006 12:53 am

Where to post. What to post.

Before posting on the Asterisk forums, read the Forum Rules and please make sure to choose the appropriate forum.

If you are having difficulties installing, operating, upgrading or configuring Asterisk, post your issues in Support. Please make sure to check resources and to search the forum before posting. Most standard and basic questions have been asked before.


- Digium Knowledge Base

Online Documentation
- Digium's Online Documentation
- Asterisk Wiki

Mailing Lists
- Asterisk Mailing Lists

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Server: irc.freenode.net
Port: 6667
Channels: #asterisk, #asterisknow, #asterisk-dev

- O'Reilly Book (Asterisk: The Future of Telephony)

Developers interested in developing for Asterisk should offer new projects and improvements under Development including new features and core development.

Asterisk Projects
All Asterisk-related projects (i.e. BSD, Sun, Dundi, etc.) should be posted within the Asterisk Projects forums.

All related Asterisk topics that do not fall into the above categories should be posted in General.

The Jobs forum is for exchanging job and project opportunities between buyers and sellers. All jobs should be posted to the Jobs forums. Do not make repetitive posts. Repeated posts or jobs solicited in any other forum will not be moved but deleted.

How to post.

To increase the possibility of receiving an answer to your post, clearly state the issue in your post topic. Be specific but be brief. Statements like "I need help" don't warrant immediate attention. Consider using flags for a quicker response. Also, review Request Support & Troubleshooting so that we can better assit you.

Example topics
[HELP]: Bridge/conference/transfer VOLUME LOW with Zap lines?
[HELP]: How can I implement Music on Call Transfer?
[HELP]: Need help to check if the zaptel.conf is correct.

Once you've been helped, flag your topic with [RESOLVED]. Doing so will indicate to others, who have the same problem, that an answer is available.

Do not cross post. Cross posting doesn't ensure a quicker response, and merely pollutes the forum. It's also annoying. Duplicate posts will be deleted.
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