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OS questions

Postby rgmhtt » Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:42 pm

I have not done the install yet, trying to get a feel of things. I use to work a lot with trixbox, but it has been over a year...

I am looking into the 1.7.1 ISO image and it seems that Centos 5.5 is the provided OS.

Is a GUI installed, can I install one? Or at least how about including webmin?

The asterisk included is 1.6. I see a comment elsewhere in this forum that you can get asterisk 1.8, how?

Can I use Fedora 14 with these rpms. Well, there is a full set of Asterisk rpms in the Fedora 14 repo (or so it seems), what else is needed for AsteriskNOW on Fedora? I guess FreePBX is the major other piece; will the RPMs work there or is there a repo available? My interest here is I run Fedora on my notebook and it would be neat to have some of these functions integrated on it.
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Re: OS questions

Postby JasonRA » Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:31 am

I am somewhat new with asterisk, but from my ventures, Yes, Centos 5.5 is the packaged OS with AsteriskNOW
Gui can be installed but is not needed. Asterisk on the other hand should be able to be installed on any just about and Linux distro. AsteriskNow can be installed with freepbx web gui or asterisk web gui. Update instructions are available in another post to update to 1.8, but at this point, the asterisk web gui does not seem to respond to 1.8 (not sure about freepbx).

Hope this helps
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