OK what's involved?

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OK what's involved?

Postby jimgreen8c » Thu Jun 12, 2014 12:13 pm

I am new to Asterisk, but sell IPPBX solutions. I want to develop a new OEM product for our company with a GUI interface using existing modules.

My vision is that you put in your name, Cell phone number, extension number, email address and preferred email password and the system builds your extension, voice mail box, chat and configures the phone with soft keys for forwarding, voice mail functions when you call VM and email notifications. Simple Gui for setting up trunks and email host, Ques and MOH and phone trees. Trunk installation would be to enter vendor, phone number, account number, password and where it would ring.

We already manufacture and market a plug and play solution using 3CX but we want to brand and develop our own system.

So what's involved? How much would it cost? Can this be outsourced? So, do I need to find somebody who knows PHP, Linux, XML, Asterisk,Java,and MySQL? Are there already GUI interfaces to do this stuff that I can patch into a page?
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Re: OK what's involved?

Postby sparktechs » Fri Jun 13, 2014 12:35 am

Hello jimgreen8c ,

We have experts in PHP, Linux, XML, Asterisk,Java,and MySQL on board.
Please contact me on email or skype, so that we can take this further to the next level.

Subhish N
SparkSupport Infotech
Email : subhish@sparksupport.com
Skype: spark.subhish

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Re: OK what's involved?

Postby globalvoice » Fri Jun 13, 2014 8:47 am

Hello Jim,

We are group of experts who are working on IP-PBX PBX related tools and technology.
You can contact us at glbvoice.info@gmail.com

Best Regards
Team IGV
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