Will pay for fax server configuration.

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Will pay for fax server configuration.

Postby BeagleIL » Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:03 am

I have a server with a Digium TE220 T1 interface card installed. I would like to run Asterix on this server with the sole purpose of receiving and sending faxes over the T1. I already have a T1 circuit in place from my carrier that is set up as a 2 way trunk group, with fax calls being delivered via a toll free number.

On the receiving end, I need to have people dial my toll free number from their fax machine. The call may hit any of the channels on the T1 circuit. Then based upon which toll free number was dialed to reach the T1, the fax, either as a PDF of a TIFF-G4 image, needs to be delivered to a directory on the server along with a way to see call stats, i.e. what number was dialed (DNIS), call length, fax speed, pages delivered, originating phone number, etc..

On the sending side, I would need a command line interface to be able to take a PDF or TIFF-G4 image and queue it up to destination fax machine. No need to select any particular channel. As long as it went out on any available channel on the T1. And like on the receiving side, after the call is complete, I'd like to be able to find stats of the call in a file placed in a directory.

I'm sure there are other details of a configuration such as this that I am glossing over. But this covers the main functionality that I need. I am decently versed in Linux/Unix servers. So once up and operational, I doubt I would need any on-going support. And while I could probably configure this over time on my own, I just have too many things on the plate at the current time as I would like to be functioning within the next 90-120 days (or sooner if possible).

If you or anyone you know are interested, please private message me so that we can begin talking about what kind of costs and timelines I would be looking at for this contractual work.

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