Asterisk and FAX

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Asterisk and FAX

Postby greegoro » Sun Mar 18, 2007 5:01 am

Hello. I'd like to set up FAX service in Asterisk. What is better to use? I heard there is 2 options - the first one is use normal g711 codec and the second one is something like T.38. Where is a diffrent between that 2 codecs and how much it cost (gateways or somthhing)?. I need something what provide fax@email and email@fax with web GUI. What I can use?. Which option is better?. Please for help. Thank's. Bye
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Postby nickcol » Sun Mar 18, 2007 7:13 am


Ive just setup the following and seems to work without any problems for me.

Asterisk 1.2 on a e1 isdn line. Also installed on same asterisk server iaxmodem and hylafax fax server. Hylafax has lots of options - auto fax printout, email-fax gateway etc.

On sending a fax it goes via hylafax - iaxmodem - asterisk - e1 and incoming faxes the other way around.

Im using alaw G711 Codec. and have received several hundred faxes in last week without any problems and also sent quite a few all ok.

I know this is not T38 which some people have said is better but I dont think asterisk supports T38 yet on 1.2

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Postby drwho » Sun Mar 18, 2007 9:46 am

One of the easiest ways is to register the SPA2100 ATA to * and take advantage of the T.38 pass-through. Because the SPA2100 and * both have T.38 pass-through the fax machine connected to the SPA2100 gets a dialtone and dials through * and connects to the other end through your ITSP to deliver the fax without * doing any extensive codec/document processing which also does not add to CPU usage. It works perfectly on * 1.2 . It will be better to dedicate a DiD to fax so you can also receive faxes easily because you cannot expect people to enter extension numbers after your main number when they are trying to fax you. You can also make other extensions dial out through this number anyway if/when other DiD channels are busy/fully used up. And since the SPA2100 has two FXS ports (for at least two fax machines), if the primary fax machine is busy you can have incoming faxes rollover to the secondary fax machine. Easy as can be.
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