FATAL: Module dahdi not found.

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FATAL: Module dahdi not found.

Postby neonerz » Sat May 30, 2009 2:48 am

From a fresh install of 1.5 I got

Code: Select all
ULoading DAHDI hardware modules:
FATAL: Module dahdi not found.
  wct4xxp:  FATAL: Module wct4xxp not found.
  wcte12xp:  FATAL: Module wcte12xp not found.
  wct1xxp:  FATAL: Module wct1xxp not found.
  wcte11xp:  FATAL: Module wcte11xp not found.
  wctdm24xxp:  FATAL: Module wctdm24xxp not found.
  wcfxo:  FATAL: Module wcfxo not found.
  wctdm:  FATAL: Module wctdm not found.
  wcb4xxp:  FATAL: Module wcb4xxp not found.
  wctc4xxp:  FATAL: Module wctc4xxp not found.
  xpp_usb:  FATAL: Module xpp_usb not found.

Error: missing /dev/dahdi!

When starting dahdi. I also did a switch from 1.6 (per the sticky in this forum) hoping that reinstalling dahdi would clear this, it didn't.

I also tried removing and installing dahdi and 1.6 again just for good measure.

Any ideas why this could be happening?
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Module dahdi not found

Postby johnli » Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:02 am

I found this bug too.

If the installation CD detects your hardware supports PAE, the kernel 2.6.18-xxxPAE will be installed, but the installed dahdi driver is not the right version.

To resolve this, follow the instruction below:

yum update
yum install kmod-dahdi-linux-PAE
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