Security:Lots of open ports + basic auth in use

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Security:Lots of open ports + basic auth in use

Postby thor » Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:35 am

I just installed the latest AsteriskNOW and to my dismay found number of open ports:

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portmap       rpc      UDP *:111
portmap       rpc      TCP *:111
rpc.statd     rpcuser  UDP *:811
rpc.statd     rpcuser  UDP *:808
rpc.statd     rpcuser  TCP *:814
cupsd         root     UDP *:631
mysqld        mysql    TCP *:3306
asterisk      asterisk TCP *:5038
op_server     asterisk TCP *:4445

Why do I have NFS daemons running on my box ?
cupsd ?????
mysql accepting non-local connections ?
asterisk manager port wide open ? Does anyone read digium advisories - ... 1-003.html ?
FOP server wide open ?

Also web server using basic authentication ? in 2011 ?

The good thing is no one deploys these boxes unprotected on the internet ....
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